Free Cash Bets

What could be better than a free cash bet. The chance to win a lot of money without ever having to risk your own money. All upside and no downside, no risk!

You can find plenty of different options to make free bets online. This is true regardless if you want to play casino games, poker, bingo or gamble on sport events. Free bets are however often designed to work a little bit differently and are know under different names depending on what kind of game you want to play.

casinoIf you want to find a free bet that you can use for playing casino games you should be looking for a no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get the second you register at an online casino and that does not require you to deposit any money. Far from all casinos offer no deposit bonuses but you should be able to find a decent number that do. The no deposit bonuses are usually rather small, below USD50, but it is still a chance to win money without having to risk you own money and an excellent way to see if you like a certain casino or not. There is nothing wrong in going to several casinos and using their no deposit bonus to try the different casinos. That is what they are there for. You should not expect to be able to go around collecting bonuses and withdraw them to you bank account. No deposit bonuses have wager requirements that you will need to meet before you can withdraw any money. This includes both the bonus and any money you might have won using the bonus. If you decide you like a casino you are likely to get a second bonus, a matching bonus the first time you deposit money to your account. Find a casino with a high matching bonus and also keep your eyes pealed for a casino that offers free spins together with the matching bonus..

We recommend: Bodog Casino – $25 Bonus
Bodog Casino uses real time gaming software and is one of the most popular online casino rooms around.  Casino games can be played either from the browser or the casino software, both of which have excellent visual graphics and realistic sounds.
Bodog Casino also has a wide range of gambling games to choose from including: online blackjack, slots, baccarat, Caribbean stud, craps, roulette, keno, let it ride and more.  Overall Bodog Casino is one of the most popular online gambling casino rooms because of its reputation for high-class entertainment. Enjoy all your favourite casino games here in this Las-Vegas-style casino room.

If you want a free bet on bingo you should look for free bingo or a no deposit bingo bonus. The name used varies between different bingo sites. The premise is pretty much the same as with no deposit bonuses in casinos. The bingo site deposit a small amount of money for you to gamble with the moment you finish the registration. Free bingo bonuses are often even smaller then their casino counter parts and many of them are not worth more than USD5-10. It is however possible to play quite a few rounds of bingo using one of these bonuses and if luck is on your side you can end up winning a lot of money.

We recommend Gala Bingo
Gala Bingo has been around since 1995 and is one of the biggest names for internet bingo in the UK.  One of the great things about playing at Gala Bingo is the chat facility in between bingo games. So players can talk to each other and socialise as they play. You can also get to see celebrity callers like: Sharon Osbourne on special appearances.
The payouts at Gala Bingo are usually very fast payouts and there are chances to win up to 10,000 every month.

If you want a free bet playing poker you shouldn’t really be looking for a free bet at all. Very few if any poker rooms offer you money without you making a deposit first. This is due to the fact that it would be too easy to abuse the system by registering a lot of players and then using these accounts to play against one player controlled by you that could win all of the money. When you play poker you do not play against the bank but rather against other players and poker rooms can therefore not offer the same type of no deposit bonuses. This does however not mean that it isn’t possible to find free opportunities to win real money while playing poker. The answer is called free rolls. Free rolls are a type of free bets you can find in poker rooms. They are tournaments that you can enter for free and that give you the opportunity to win real money or other prizes. Most poker rooms offer free rolls and you do not need to deposit money to play in them. All you have to do is register and start playing free rolls. A benefit with free rolls over other types of free bets is that you can play an unlimited number of them. Most poker sites runs several free rolls each day and you can play as many as you like for as long as you like. Some poker rooms have special free rolls for new players. These free rolls are only available to you for a limited time.

We recommend PokerStars – $600 Bonus
PokerStars is the worlds largest online poker sites with over 200,000 players playing poker at peak times. Most of the poker card tables are very busy with a good number of people playing, watching and supporting other players.  The PokerStars software is also one of the best in terms of speed play, playing on multiple tables and for being highly reliable. But the poker card tables could do with a new face-lift, as it does look slightly outdated. Overall PokerStars is one of the best sites for playing poker at all stakes, as there are always a good scoop of players at all table stakes. And if you like playing in poker tournaments, then PokerStars will offer to you a massive variety of tournaments with huge prizes.

sportsbookSports betting
Free cash bets on sports betting often takes the form of ”risk free” bets, also known as ”money back” bets. This type of  free bets require you to deposit money to your account before you can take advantage of them. Risk free bets are often offered on certain games and mean that you get your money back if you loose. IE there is no risk. Either you win or you get your money back. But since you need to place a bet to take advantage of a risk free bet you need money in your account to benefit from them. There is usually a maximum amount you can bet. If you bet more than that amount the bet will not be risk free. It is common that sports books offer a risk free bet as an incitement to register. Making your first bet risk free. But it is also common that these types of bets are offered on certain games as a part of a sports books promotional campaigns. In this case the bets are usually open to all members of the site. New as well as old.

We Recommend Ladbrokes
Ladbrokes was established in the UK in 1950 and first went online in the year 2001. Currently Ladbrokes is one of the largest bookmakers in UK, with over 2000 betting shops in the UK and over 500,000 customers worldwide, gambling over 1 billion in betting stakes last year. The Ladbrokes website is also very global, with 11 language options and 16 different currencies. Ladbrokes is one of the fastest growing bookmaker sites in Europe.  Ladbrokes also has an extensive list of live gambling markets that you can bet on. And with Ladbrokes TV you can now even watch live sports events direct from your computer.

Are you looking for a free cash bet for another type of gambling? Regardless of what type of gambling you want to try online you are sure to be able to find a free promotional offer if you spend some time looking. Good luck gambling!